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Zubair Shaikh, a prominent name in the Bollywood music scene, is popularly known as Dj Zubair. Over the years, he has gained popularity for his exceptional style of mixing music that invariably result in power packed dance floors filled with clubbers all over the globe.
Having started in his teenage years, arranging music for friends parties, his career took off professionally in the early 90’s. In no time, DJ Zubair started competing in national and international level DJ Wars winning 9 titles in India and UAE. A feat that less than handful DJs have ever achieved!
He has been touring the world extensively ever since, spreading his music which is a unique blend of various genres including remixes of Bollywood tracks, House and R’n’B .
Dubai, UAE has been home for DJ Zubair for over a decade now. As one of the leading DJs of Dubai, you will find DJ Zubair spinning at the best clubs and many times, alongside top celebrity artists from around the world. Ethnic Nights at Boudoir is a benchmark that was built when week on week club goers flocked at Boudoir gates. 
Presently Dj Zubair performs at all the elite Club's in Dubai & all around globe.

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