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  • Real Name :

    Ashish Kumar

  • Born :

    19 - 04

  • Location :

    Jaipur (India)

  • Occupation :

    Producer DJ, VDJ

  • Gender :


  • Music Genre :

    Bollywood Commercial

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Music Producer | Visual & Graphic Artist | VJ | Live Visuals / Vjing

Ashish Kumar aka 'Astreck' is appreciated for his versatility in music and visuals. He started his journey as a music producer in 2010, bringing up his first Album 'Shine Nights', where his music got some exposure in the industry for the very first time. As years passed he gained skills, did some collaborative projects with fellow music producers and DJs from the industry, adding more to the exposure. He continued releasing a bunch of albums there after. He didn't stop there, amidst all these, he also hosted an online radio show named 'Frank Beatz with Ashish Kumar', where he featured the best of Bollywood Remixes.
As years passed by, he found his interest in video editing and started developing his skills on both audio and visuals. This was the time he came up with his new alias 'Astreck'. Soon enough he started editing bootleg videos for many DJs all around the globe.
A Music Producer, Video Editor, Graphic Designer and a Video Jockey, adding to this, he is also the country representative of an international label named 'Harsh Records'. Recently he was also nominated for the title 'Middle East's Most Favorite Visual Artist of the year 2016'. Astreck, till date has gained everything by his own hardwork, proudly without no external training!
Astreck has got a good amount of experience in working for International labels and artists, which adds to the appreciation acquired by him globally. He has performed in various cities in India and his music has also got featured on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, India and various other EDM Podcasts.

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